Hand mede accessory

Hand mede accessory created by japanses artist mamajewel.

This time we cerect "gorgeous" "elegant" "sweet" taste accessory.

The fascinations of mamajewel accessory is, you can try the japanses newest accessory mode with reasonable price. This is christmas season limited sale.





Wreath Pendant

This is shiny rich Wreath pendant which is very carefully made with SWAROVSKI beads. 

Nice accent for Christmas season.





CHF 36.00
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Cotton pearl necklace

This elegant cotton pearl necklace's amazing point is the lightness.

Most of elegant and gorgeous jewelries are heavy, but this new cotton pearl is very light even thought the elegant isn't change.




CHF 65.00
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Crystal chain necklace

SWAROVSKI crystal chain necklace is good combination with v neck and turtleneck tops.

CHF 48.00
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Pearl long necklace

simple pearl necklace.

CHF 42.00
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